The Circle

An important part of Hash culture is the Circle which takes place after the run. Different Hashes often have their own way of doing things but we will describe how the circle normally works in Cebu.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, The Circle means that we gather in a circle, around the GM, who conducts proceedings. After an initial toast to Cebu Hash, that day’s hares are summoned into the circle and are given plenty of feedback about how bad the run was (even if it was good). A (usually bawdy) song is sung by all after which the hares will drink (called a Down-Down) or wear (their choice!) the liquid of their choice.

After the hares, a number of guilty parties will be called into the circle to suffer a similar fate. Offences such as Bum Sliding, Lost Hares, being Fast Running/Slow Walking Bastards, being from any particular country, the acts of ones President or Prime Minister, wearing new shoes and anything else we can think of (whether true or untrue!) are considered, with Down-Downs being duly administered. Being called into the circle is a high honour so beware, the wearing of a hat inside the circle is an offence itself.

The circle is also the place for other things such as bad jokes, namings, announcements, howling at the full moon and the award of the Hash Shit which is a particularly high honour for the awardee in the following week’s run. Finally, the GM will call the circle to order and lead in an undignified and wildly out of tune singing of the Hash Hymnal, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.