The Naming Ceremony

In an attempt to protect politicians, lawyers, doctors, public servants and drunken retirees, Cebu Hashers are given a Hash name, usually of debaucherous or humorous nature.

After hashing for around 5 runs (can be more or less) with us, it becomes time for a suitable Hash name to be found. The name can be based on a particular characteristic or body part, something stupid that the hasher is alleged to have done or said, a hobby or occupation or maybe just how the circle feels on the day.

At the naming ceremony the Religious Advisor (RA) will call the hasher into the circle and ask questions about their life. The hasher’s partner may be called upon to give evidence about shortcomings or misdemeanours. During the inquisition, names may be suggested and recorded. Once a few potential names are known, the circle votes on which name is most suitable.

David Becomes Busted Dick

Once the name has been chosen, the hasher is made to kneel and the RA will state “Henceforth and forever more, Cebu Hash shall be your home hash and you shall be named _________.”, at which point the newly named hasher is baptised with an egg (to represent their rebirth as a hasher), flour (to represent the marking of the trail) and beer.

The following song is then sung:

Melody – Itself

Heres to ___________,
She’s true blue,
She’s a hasher through and through,
She’s a pisspot so they say,
Tried to go to heaven but she went the other way!

Leah becomes Layalot