The Kennel

Since the demise of The Sandtrap and the change of direction of Eurohub, we don’t have an official home bar, or kennel. We frequently meet, drink, eat or party at two local establishments, though; Das Bier Fass (The Beer Barrel) and Pa Docks.

Das Bier Fass; Thee Beer Barrel

Das Bier Fass (The Beer Barrel) is where we have our regular Hash Mismanagement meetings. It is also where hashers can often be found eating excellent German food and drinking imported or local beer. It’s handily placed in J-Center mall, same floor as immigration. For more info see their Facebook page.

Pa Docks Bar and Grill

Pa Docks Bar & Grill is where we are usually found for On-Afters, especially if the Hash run has been in the north of the city. This is where we party and have fun. Handily placed opposite a car wash behind E-Park in Talamban we are also sometimes found at Pa Docks on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. See their Facebook page for more info.

Mismanagement Meeting at Das Bier Fass (The Beer Barrel)
On-Afters and partying at Pa Docks Bar and Grill with Asoy Vilan on Sax