Cebu Hash Accounts Guide

Before we start, don’t worry, you cannot screw anything up. If you have VIEWER access to the spreadsheet (most hashers), you will find that you can change things but the system will not save your changes. If you have EDITOR access (Hash Cash/On Sec/Auditor) you can change things and the system will save them; however it also automatically keeps several back-ups so any screw-ups can be easily fixed.

On opening the accounts spreadsheet for the first time you will probably see the help worksheet. To see the different worksheets available, click on the TABS.

We don’t currently use the Budget, Weekly or Goals worksheets. The most useful ones are Accounts, Transactions, Report and Yearly Report.

The Accounts worksheet lists all our accounts, both real (Cash in Hand and Chinabank Savings Account) and any virtual accounts we may set up (for example, that could be money held in the Chinabank Savings Account but set aside in a virtual account for the Christmas party). This worksheet also gives a summary of our current financial situation.

The Transactions worksheet contains a list of individual payments into, or withdrawals out of our accounts. It contains details such where the money came from/went, how much, and the effect it had on our finances at the time.

The Report worksheet summarises our income and outgoings, and can be set to look at an individual month or the year to date.

The Yearly Report worksheet summarises our income and expenses so far this year and also includes the monthly average income and expenses.

Finally, if you wish to switch to look at another year’s accounts, click on the Sheets icon in the top right side corner where you should see links to any other Google document we have shared with you.